Strategic Network

To analyze strategic networks, we have chosen to study the responses, through co-transacting, to invitation to tender in French public markets. Our study is based on the analysis of coalition relationships within company groups.

Data used for this study issues from the attribution notices from of the French Official Journals (BOAMP). From transactions made in 2008, we have selected, with key words, the transactions held only by groups of companies.

Table 1 details the census of the observed businesses. It shows the number of parties that we identified within the groups. Obtaining this data goes through a multi-stage process: extraction, cleaning, filtering, formatting, dedoubling and indexing. The nature of the data used to analyze the groups of companies is held by three variables. The first is allotted to the identification of the parties (business reasons). The second is ascribed to the type of beneficiaries of the transactions (company groups). The third variable concerns the cooperative relation which links the parties within a group. We have considered that there is a cooperative relationship with two companies when they obtain a market within the bounds of co-transaction (a belonging to a group of companies).

table 1 : characteristics of the identified companies

Total number of transactions

54 181

Number of transactions undertaken by groups

4 203

Number of companies within the groups

6 563

Number of cooperation links

10 377 provides free access to its datasets. To download datasets click here: adjacency list strategic network 2008
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